The Art of Creation – Englische Version der Schöpfung

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The Art of Creation – Englische Version der Schöpfung


Create Your Life! – Every single day with

‚The Art of Creation‘

From your Heart. From your source. Into your power of creation.


Fully integrate the Art of Creation into your life and see what happens:

  • You start to not just recite affirmations and positive beliefs parrotlike, but work with them intensively. You learn how to fully integrate them into your life.
  • You can change your mood and vibration within minutes.
  • You begin to create your reality intently to your true wishes.
  • You can acknowledge and release all aspects that speak against your ideal future (within you and others).
  • You move and deepen your true connection with your self – and with everything that you are.
  • You step away from solely functioning in this world – instead, you learn more about your own frequency of creation.
  • You learn how to clearly and lovingly meet you goals despite all your shadows and resistances.
  • You grow into your full potential and your true greatness.

Rise your frequency daily. Clear your resonances with two versions of creation for your everyday life.

All in one download:

  • An introduction: Why wish fulfillment often is superficial and what you can do to change this.
  • A preparation: Get to know the process and all varying aspects of ‚The Art of Creation‘.
  • A body journey: Optimal preparation for the process of creation – release stress and tension and increase full body awareness.
  • The Art of Creation: The fully accompanied process to clear your vibration and to intensively work with your ideals.
  • The quick creation: A shorter, still fully accompanied process for in-between. Quick and compact.
  • All bilateral music as instrumental versions to work with yourself or others. Deeply touching compositions that enlighten all processes.

All tracks are created with especially composed backing music, enriched with bilateral impulses to touch you on a deep level.

These bilateral impulses (which alternate from right to left) help both hemispheres of the brain to directly connect again. Simply listening to this music intensifies and accelerates your process.



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